Preparedness Fair

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The 2021 Preparedness Fair is scheduled for September 11, 2021. Mark your calendar today and plan to attend.

What is a Preparedness Fair?

A Preparedness Fair is a wonderful resource for those that want to be better prepared and live more self-reliantly. It will have two dozen or so booths manned by someone prepared to answer your questions and give you resources on a particular subject. The booths are designed to help you get an introduction to a wide variety of topics.

This Just In:

We are excited to announce that we have just added Marc DeCelle as our Keynote Speaker.

Marc is a writer and consultant whose previous work includes the acclaimed 2004 report Anticipating Crisis. This report warned of the accumulating risks to U.S. infra-structure well before these dangers were widely recognized and garnered accolades from leading scientists, authors and experts across a wide range of fields.

Marc is better known locally for his book How Fargo of You, a series of heartwarming and inspiring stories of life in the upper Midwest. Marc will combine his experience with the kindheartedness of people in our area along with his research into the frailties of our power grid to speak to us about building community in preparation for disaster.

Booths and Displays

We’ll have over two dozens booths and displays. Topics will include:

  • Generators—learn how to choose and safely use a generator.
  • Knitting and fiber arts—learn the basics of knitting, spinning and making your own cold-weather clothing.
  • Improve your income—be ready when the economy goes sour. Find out how you can improve your income and have better job security.
  • Preparedness for the elderly and special needs—learn how to care for your elderly parents or other handicapped adults during an emergency.
  • Ham radios—Ham radios are a vital part of emergency communication. The Red River Radio Amateurs will have handheld radios to demonstrate local amateur communication as well as a demonstration of the emergency equipment in the Radio Trailer (which will be set up in the parking lot outside.)
  • Getting your food storage—Are you working on a 3-month supply of food? Or looking for a larger, one-year supply? Don’t know where to begin? Our expert will help you get started.
  • Choosing a dehydrator—Confused about which model to buy? This demo will show you many of the different types of dehydrators, including a home freeze dryer. Plus lots of good information on how to get the most from your dehydrator.
  • Community Preparedness—You and your family may be prepared for a disaster, but is your community prepared? Are your neighbors? Find out how you can help your friends and neighbors survive a disaster.
  • Home maintenance—Learn from the pros how to keep your home in good repair so that you don’t need to call in the pros.
  • Sustainable sewing—Learn how to keep your clothing in good repair and have a nice wardrobe without a lot of money.
  • 72-hour Emergency Kits—Learn why and how to have a 72-hour emergency kit.
  • Solar generators—Having a solar generator is the ultimate way to be prepared for a power outage. Presented by Mark Cunningham, whose solar generator has been used to help people in his area in the aftermath of several severe storms.
  • Water storage—Learn the why and how of storing water for emergencies.
  • Continuing your education—This is going to be a very informative booth. There are  many paths to continuing your education and ensuring better employment. Rob Neuteboom is the Academic Dean for Rasmussen College in Fargo-Moorhead.  He will talk to you about credit based education (Rasmussen College, Thomas Edison), credit by assessment, MOOCS (Georgia Tech, U of Illinois, FutureLearn – Deakin University Programs), PathwayConnect (BYU), and accelerated programs (Southern New Hampshire University)
  • Square Foot Gardening—You’ve heard all about SFG, now find out why it’s the best and easiest way to grow food for your family.
  • Technology and Preparedness—Not sure what the first thing to do is after a tornado? Want to keep track of your food storage? There’s an app for that. Visit our technology table to see all the cool apps and computer programs that will help you be better prepared.
  • Trees—Choosing the best trees for our region and growing trees for food. Also, how to care for and use a chain saw. Presented by Dr. Todd West, professor of horticulture at NDSU, who specializes in woody plants and tree care.

And Classes

Booths give you an introduction to a wide array of topics. Classes give you more in-depth instruction. Many classes includes hands-on training.

Here are  the classes that we’ve confirmed so far:

  • Solar Cooking–Think solar cooking is only for those that live in Arizona? Think again. Marjorie Evans-de-Carpio of Solar Oven Partners will show us how to cook food with the sun. She will also tell us about her organization’s mission to help people in poorly developed countries feed their families using their specially designed solar ovens.
  • Intro to pressure canning—Marie Risdal has been canning for years and sells her products at farmers markets around the region. Her hands-on class will help you learn the basics of pressure canning and give you the confidence to start canning your own produce.
  • Stop the Bleed—Stop the Bleed is an educational course implemented by the American College of Surgeons to educate the general public on how to control and stop life threatening bleeding. Together with his team, Dr. Spjut has taught over 100 classes and thousands of participants.
  • Car Repair and Maintenance — Jared LaDuke, owner of Dukes Auto Sales will give you some good advice on how to get the most from your car.
  • Home Repair and Maintenance—This class will be taught by Kristen Brotherson, mother and homemaker extraordinaire. Designed especially for women, you will get lots of good information how to keep your home in top shape.
  • Raising Chickens— Taught by Tony and Pam Scherer. The Scherer’s have been raising chickens for 12 years and give eggs away to family and friends.

More: Hands-on Classes

Choosing a wheat grinder—Ever wondered which wheat grinder is best? Ever wondered if you should even get a wheat grinder? Leona Wells will have several different models of wheat grinders for you to test out and see what you like.
Dehydrators and Freeze-Dryers—I think dehydrating is essential to providing food for your family year-round. We will have a room of several different dehydrators plus a freeze-dryer. See all the pros and cons of the freeze-dryer, ask questions, taste the different foods, get tips and ideas on how to get the most from your food production by drying and freeze-drying.

Even More: Make and Take Classes

Soap Making—Find out how quick and easy it is to make your own soap with just a few simple ingredients. Take home your very own bar of homemade soap.
Meal-in-a-Bag—Combine a few freeze-dried and dehydrated ingredients and vacuum-seal them into a bag for an instant meal that you can use for emergencies or for camping.

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What will you see at the 2021 Preparedness Fair?

  • Over two dozen booths and displays
  • A dozen in-depth classes,  many of them hands-on
  • Blue Ribbon Contest: see the best in gardening, food preservation, cooking with long-term storage ingredients and self-reliant skills
  • Complete the Preparedness Passport and get a prize!
  • Keynote Speaker Marc Decelle. If you don’t already have his book How Fargo of You, get it now and bring it with you so he can sign it.

Class Schedule

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