Preparedness Bundle


Preparedness Bundle
eBooks by Charlene Nelson

Five books combined to help you prepare for any emergency.


Preparedness Bundle
eBooks by Charlene Nelson

Five eBooks: Preparedness Step by Step, Getting Started, Everyday Dehydrating for Everyday Eating, Shelf Life, Seed Starting 101

These five books combined give you all the information you need to prepare your family for any emergency and be self-reliant for years.

-Preparedness Step-by-Step begins with how to devise a family emergency plan, what to do in the first three minutes after a disaster strikes and how to prepare for disasters that last days, weeks or months.

-Getting Started is a printable workbook, with charts and plans for you to fill in to create a personalized plan for you and your family.

-Shelf Life Chart is a handy reference guide. Storage guidelines to safely store your food. It lists over 100 of the most common foods in your pantry.

-Seed Starting 101 takes you step by step through the process of starting all your garden plants from seed.

-Everyday Dehydrating for Everyday Eating Over 40 pages, it includes drying charts, how to store and use your dehydrated food, including dozens of recipes.

These five books form the core foundation of all the information you need to create and maintain a complete preparedness plan that will see you through almost any emergency and set you on the path to self- reliance.

$18.96 if bought separately.


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