Preparedness, Step by Step


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Preparedness, Step by Step
eBook by Charlene Nelson

Step-by-step instructions that cover every aspect of preparedness from starting with the first three minutes after a disaster.


Preparedness, Step by Step
eBook by Charlene Nelson

This book covers everything you need to know to be prepared. It starts with making a family preparedness plan and walks you through all the steps to ensure that you and your family can weather just about any storm. Know the peace of mind that comes from being prepared. 137 pages.

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4 reviews for Preparedness, Step by Step

  1. Maria Tedjamulia (verified owner)

    Excellent resource for preparing for emergencies. Charlene does a beautiful job at making this content broad enough to fit many different scenarios that we might face, while at the same time being specific to the details that really matter. So grateful to have this book as I prepare!

  2. Laura Anderson (verified owner)

    As a mother of four who is currently living through a pandemic and an economic shut down, it forced my husband and I to reevaluate how prepared our family is for emergency situations. You may think your prepared, but are you really? First things first, let’s be calm and rational. That can be hard to do when you realize you could have done a better job preparing for undesirable circumstances. It’s not a good feeling when shelves are empty, and you(or your neighbor) need the basics. This book is not just a “prepper” book. It’s a book on living smart and saving money. Above all, it’s the start of a plan toward a healthy mind, body and soul. This book is sure to spark meaningful family conversations that enhance your family’s well-being and safety. It’s an amazing reference for teaching my children how to lead wholesome, smart, and safe lives while remaining debt free.

  3. Lisa Clark (verified owner)

    Definitely an A to Z reference for preparing for emergencies! I really like the idea of a bug out bag. We have that stuff mixed in with our 72 hour kit, but I like the idea of having it separate from the other emergency supplies so it can be super easy to take. I also really like the reminder to keep a 6 week supply of toilet paper. Unfortunately, I think a lot of people have learned that the hard way! Overall, this is great advise and a great reference manual for all things emergency.

  4. Leora Hillman (verified owner)

    This book is an excellent resource as you begin planning for emergency situations. The book gives you plenty of things to think about as you try and put your plans into actions! I found the guidance on malongi an emergency plan quite helpful. I especially appreciated the extensive section on planning and executing your garden!

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